A Little About Me

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I started photography at a young age and was fascinated by an image coming through the developer in my makeshift darkroom (bedroom!) The best thing about early learning I feel was understanding the basics which still applies in today's digital world. Starting with a Zenith E with I believe a built in exposure meter and then moving up to Practica I used to watch a local football match, rush home and develop and print the images to show when we met up in the pub on the same night, I must have missed my vocation as a sports photographer!!

Moving on a good way, I bought some small basic digital set ups Fuji and Lumix and then got back to my SLR roots with a Canon EOS20D a semi pro camera that really delivered!! I toured the world with my bird twitching mate taking record shots of species in Ecuador, Gambia, Kenya, East Africa, Costa Rica, the list goes on. 

This moved me towards my love of animal and bird photography which got rekindled again when I had a medical condition that could have been very serious and decided to "throw some cash" at the subject and currently use top of the range Canon gear and the difference now is I feel, better!  Now I want to show people some of my work so here is the website

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