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July 2017

Had a great day out with Andy Rouse of Fotobuzz and Steve Race of Yorkshire Coast Nature photographing Gannets from a boat, have a look at some of the images Here.

Fotobuzz Winning Image

Untitled photo

January 2017

Well, what a successful start to the New Year! I have mentioned Fotobuzz, a online camera club with REAL people in it! they have photo contests running through the year and it is split into two votes, the professional vote from Andy Rouse a world renowned wildlife photographer and Andrew James who has been a photographic professional for as many years as his grey hair suggests. The second vote is done by all the members, who are in themselves full of talent. Well I cleaned up!! I have just won both awards for my image of a Robin in the competition "Garden Birds" What will February bring?

January 2017

Just received an email from Rob Read  of Bird Photographer of the Year fame "Congratulations on making the BPOTY Short List" BOOM two years in a row, out of 7 categories I have qualified in the Birds in the Garden section with this image of a nuthatch stocking up for Winter. I must offer my congratulations also to Naomi Stolow and Ian Hull fellow Fotobuzzers that have also qualified. It is an International competition so team done good.

Untitled photo

August 2016

There is an international contest "The Bird Photographer of the Year 2016" which professional and amateur photographers alike can enter and the competition is HOT. Photographs taken over the previous five years can be entered with minimum adjustments no photoshop composites allowed (apart from the creative section) So much of the profits go to the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) which is clearly a worthwhile reason for entering. I entered quite a few into the different sections and was lucky enough to get an image of a Greater Spotted Woodpecker published. I went down to the competition book launch at Birdfair 2016 on Rutland Water and got my book signed by the main judge the one and only Chris Packham and by the overall winner Andy Parkinson. Its a great book and for me a great honour, Big thanks has to go to Rob Read who put so much effort into the launch and a real decent bloke. My thanks go to Fotobuzz a online camera club for inspiring me, run by Andy Rouse a wildlife photographer of international acclaim and Andrew James also a professional writer and photographer. ( Better not forget Keith the Anorak Web Developer as well!)  

August 2015

My First Ever Photo Competition placing "Flower Power". As an extremely competitive person in squash, cycling, football eventually I needed to compete in photography and I wanted to improve my bird photography so I joined an online camera club so I could go on a particular birds in flight workshop run by Andy Rouse and Andrew James. The club is called Fotobuzz and I honestly believe that all the help from the team and members helped me no end to become a better photographer. I am mentioning this as I think any other promising, budding, enthusiastic photographer can improve no end by signing on to this site and learning basic and advanced techniques but also feel part of a community, (Ps I don't get paid anything!) I have learnt a lot about photographing birds, using lightroom and general workflow tips. The image on the right however was my first photo competition "placing" A first from all the individual members, on the one thing I do not spend a lot of time on, Flower Power!

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